At Mainline Advisory & Consulting Group, we excel in partnering with executive and senior leaders, and their teams in the areas of:

  • Organization Performance: Designing, aligning and training functional teams for optimal performance.
  • Operations Planning: Making informed operational decisions through comprehensive planning.
  • Operational Excellence: Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in operations execution.
  • Process Design & Improvement: Enhancing business performance through fresh perspectives on existing and new processes.
  • Performance Improvement: Identifying and implementing targeted solutions for bottom-line improvement.
  • M&A: Specializing in pre- and post-merger integration for successful outcomes.
  • People Development: Aligning people and functional teams for enhanced outcomes.
  • Team Leadership: Providing leadership and guidance for effective team collaboration.
  • Project Portfolio Management: Evaluating and executing for maximum organizational performance.
  • Learning and Training: Developing and implementing customized learning and training programs.

Our expertise extends to focus areas, such as:

  • Children’s Health & Healthcare
  • Women’s Health & Healthcare
  • Maternal & Infant Health
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Wellness
  • Change Management
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Industry Expertise

We have experience in:

  • Health & Healthcare
  • Public Health
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Private Equity
  • For Profit & Non-Profit

What Makes Us Different

  • Our personalized approach: We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client and industry.
  • Our planning process: We start with the end in mind and work to ensure we are helping you solve the right problem so that you achieve your identified business and/or revenue goals.
  • We are reliable: We do what we say we are going to do.
  • Our direct communications: We seek to be clear and concise in our communications without the unnecessary jargon.
  • No Surprises: You don’t like surprises and neither do we, which is why we provide transparent and upfront communication along with no hidden costs.
  • We are deliberately joyful and fun: We care deeply and are determined to deliver stellar results, while also being joyful and having fun.

Key Components to Our Approach

  • Focus on Opportunities: We emphasize opportunities over problems.
  • Our Toolbox: We determine the right tools in our “toolbox” for efficient and effective planning, execution, and management.
  • Roadmaps and Action Plans: We develop clear roadmaps and action plans with a destination and metrics focused approach.
  • Effective Communication: We provide regular and transparent communication so that everyone is aligned and clear about where we are and where we are going.
  • Productive Meetings: We value your time and run meetings efficiently with the appropriate level of follow-up.
  • Effective Partnership: We pride ourselves in professionalism and quality work defines who we are and what we do.

Where Strategic Insight Meets Operational Excellence, and People Matter Most.